About LepTone

Leptin is a naturally occurring hormone produced by the body's fat cells. Receptors in the brain measure the Leptin levels in the blood and adjustments are made to store more fat, release energy or build muscle.

LepTone 3 bottlesWhen the system is functioning well we feel satisfied when we have had enough to eat.

Are you carrying too much weight and still feel hungry? Does that make sense?

Through the modern processed diet and habitual dieting which mimics feast or famine in days of old our bodies get very good at producing fat as a survival mechanism. This cycle causes leptin levels to rise outside the normal range where the brain's receptors cannot determine the amount of energy stored. Leptone has been scientifically proven to reduce leptin, therefore bringing the body back into balance assisting in prolonged weight loss.

University testing showed the placebo group lost weight in the first 4 weeks then plateaued. Most of us would have had this experience. Conversely the group taking Leptone continued to lose fat in the second 4 week period.

There really is no magic pill and we cannot get away from the need to use more energy than what is consumed in order to lose fat. Without Leptone your willpower is fighting against your innate survival mechanism.

Leptone will tip the balance in your favour.

Scientifically proven to:

  • Lower body fat in 92% of cases.
  • Reduce waist circumference in 62% of cases.

Here is the link to the university study: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/results-of-study-on-trisynex-reported-at-two-scientific-conferences-demonstrate-58443632.html

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