What is the solution?

Obviously LepTone is a big part of losing fat weight. Moderate exercise and healthy eating also contributes to an overall healthy life.


LepTone is the ultimate weight loss solutionLepTone has been clinically proven to be very effective in reducing body fat and contributes very much to weight loss.

Clinical research results

  • Shows incredibly positive overall health benefits!
  • Reduction in inches from the waist, hips and thighs (an average waist decrease of approx 10 cm/3.9 inches).
  • Reduction of internal inflammation.
  • Balancing of blood glucose levels.
  • Reduction in free Leptin levels.
  • Elicits an increase in Adiponectin (the hormone responsible for creating lean muscle).
  • Reduction in cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Average weight loss of 10 kg/20 lb.
  • Average body fat reduction of 7.35%.

The obvious solution is to incorporate LepTone into your daily routine, without any changes in your habits (although we strongly suggest moderate exercise and healthy food for an even better result short and long term).

Results have been reviewed by the Goods Administration and listed accordingly. TGA No: 153759